Natural X Brickslip Cladding

Responding to changing needs and evolving construction methodologies, NaturAL-X, developed by Ash & Lacy, introduces a ground-breaking innovation in brick slip cladding. This lightweight, mechanically fixed system offers a non-combustible solution that delivers all the benefits of natural clay brick while providing substantial cost savings compared to similar systems. With its unique clay brick slips and 6063T6 grade aluminium support rails, NaturAL-X is a tried and tested option suitable for buildings of all types and heights.

Natural X Brickslip Cladding

Beyond a Perfect Finish: Embrace the Power of NaturAL-X

NaturAL-X combines the aesthetic appeal of organic clay brick with financial savings, reduced structural load, and rapid installation capabilities offered by a lightweight, mechanically fixed system. It exceeds the rigorous testing standards set by the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) and holds full BBA certification. NaturAL-X eliminates the weather dependency of traditional methodologies while still offering a wide range of brick colours and textures.

Key Features: Why NaturAL-X Is Your Best Choice

Natural X Brickslip Cladding

Creating New Opportunities: Expand the Possibilities

NaturAL-X represents significant progress in developing mechanically fixed cladding systems, opening new horizons for design and construction across a diverse range of projects. By leveraging technology, NaturAL-X creates opportunities and delivers a competitive advantage.


NaturAL-X stands out as an exceptional choice, combining remarkable durability with unparalleled colour-fast stability and authentic weathering characteristics reminiscent of a traditional clay brick finish.


NaturAL-X boasts remarkable efficiency in installation, streamlining on-site operations and minimising project duration and labour expenses.


NaturAL-X ensures predictability, simplifying project planning by eliminating the uncertainties often tied to weather-dependent processes. This reliability allows for smoother programming and reduces the risks associated with external factors.


NaturAL-X offers a simplified installation process, particularly suitable for aerial work platforms, reducing the reliance on traditional scaffolding methods. This streamlined approach saves time and enhances safety and efficiency on the job site.

Unparalleled Cost Efficiency

Experience remarkable cost savings of up to twenty per cent when opting for NaturAL-X, surpassing other comparable systems in terms of affordability.

Remarkably Lightweight

Benefit from NaturAL-X's remarkable weight reduction, surpassing traditional masonry by over fifty per cent. Significantly alleviates structural load concerns, providing enhanced structural integrity.

Uncompromising Fire Safety

Rest assured with NaturAL-X's comprehensive external testing and A1 classification according to EN13501-1 standards. Guarantees a non-combustible cladding solution, instilling peace of mind regarding fire safety.


NaturAL-X relies on five dedicated components to deliver its outstanding performance: starter rail, middle rail, top rail, brick slips, and corner brick tiles. These seamlessly integrate with Ash & Lacy’s innovative AxiAL rainscreen support systems, ensuring a simple and efficient design and installation process. Additional bespoke components are also available upon request.


NaturAL-X Brick Cladding


Brick Corner (Right Hand)

Starter Rail

Available in 3m lengths.
Starter Rail

Middle Rail

Available in 3m lengths.
Middle Rail

Top Rail

Available in 3m lengths.
Top Rail


Brick Corner (Left Hand)

Support Systems

The AxiAL Rainscreen Support Systems accompanying NaturAL-X are engineered to deliver exceptional standards for new-build and refurbishment projects, designed with the highest thermal performance and environmental requirements while significantly reducing build time and costs.

Ax1 Support System


Aluminium support system suitable for mechanical fixing of cladding elements by means of rivet or screw, with rails used in vertical application.

AX2 Aluminium Support System


Aluminium support system suitable for mechanical fixing of cladding elements by means of rivet or screw, with rails used in a horizontal application.

Ax3 Support System


Aluminium support system suitable for mechanical fixing of horizontal and vertical application cassette panels.

Ax4 Support System


Aluminium support system suitable for rainscreen with a shallow cladding zone and no adjustability requirement


AxiAL Rainscreen Support Systems are classified A1 to EN 13501-1 and are tested in conjunction with a wide range of facade materials to EN 13823 and EN 1716 standards, so you can specify Axial with complete confidence in its performance against fire.

Tested and Trusted: The Assurance of Quality • 25 year warranty included

NaturAL-X Installation Guidance

Embrace the Advantages of NaturAL-X right from the outset; working with NaturAL-X brings forth an array of benefits. Its lightweight composition not only alleviates strain on foundations but also diminishes associated construction expenses.

Moreover, this versatile system seamlessly integrates with many building substrates, making it the perfect choice for enhancing concrete, steel frame, masonry, and insulated panels. Experience a swift and effortless installation process that saves time and costs and unveils its undeniable aesthetic allure, surpassing traditional brickwork.

Secure Natural-X Vertical Support Rails

Step 1 – Secure NaturAL-X Vertical Support Rails

Attach the NaturAL-X vertical support rails to the building substructure, ensuring a maximum spacing of 900mm between brackets and 600mm between rail centres.

Install Horizontal Middle Rails

Step 2: Install Horizontal Middle Rails

Affix the middle rails horizontally to the vertical supports using the brick rail installation tool, maintaining a 75mm interval. Include a starter rail and a top rail in their respective positions. 

Place Natural-X Brick Tiles

Step 3: Place NaturAL-X Brick Tiles

Fit the NaturAL-X brick tiles securely into position, guided by the preformed upper and lower retainers.

Achieve Perfect Joints

Step 4: Achieve Perfect Joints

The NaturAL-X brick tiles have an integrated rebate, consistently setting the vertical perp joint at 10mm. Simultaneously, the profiled top lip of the adjacent brick tile effortlessly creates a corresponding 10mm horizontal bed joint. 

Finishing Touches

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Upon installation, inject the joints with any Ash & Lacy-approved specialist mortar. This final step brings to life a timeless clay brick finish.

To explore further details, contact us today at 0208 0664197 or [email protected]. Discover how we can truly revolutionise your project.

Installation Videos

See below two installation videos. 

Flat Wall

Flat Wall with Vertical Brick Slip Course

Unleash Your Creative Vision with the Simplicity Collection

Discover the boundless possibilities of NaturAL-X with our extensive range of over 20 standard colours. Each colour is thoughtfully curated to complement a variety of textures and surface finishes. Allow your imagination to soar with the option of customised glazed and bespoke blends tailored to your unique requirements. To explore our Simplicity and Creativity ranges in-depth or request samples, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

You’ll find additional colours and textures within the Simplicity and Creativity collections. Let your creativity run wild as you choose from our diverse options. To delve deeper into these choices or request vivid imagery or physical samples, kindly contact us at [email protected].

Simplicity Range

Please note: batch colour variations can occur due to natural raw material variances

Creativity Range

Please note: batch colour variations can occur due to natural raw material variances

Additional colours and textures are available within the Creativity range. To request images or samples, please get in touch with [email protected]

Artisanal Range

The Natural Terra range offers a classic finish which draws upon the inherent aesthetic appeal of natural clay tones and is available with a choice of surface textures.
Natural Terra – Smooth, Colisée, Dragface
Multicolore - Smooth, Colisee, Dragface, Bark
Engobe – Smooth, Colisée,

The Engobe range allows for the expression of colour that goes beyond the scope of fired natural clay, through highly-durable surface finishes creating an extensive palette of colour.

Metal Glazed

The Glazed range provides an almost limitless canvas for architectural expression and is available in a myriad of colours, including specialist metallic glazes, bricks can be manufactured with varying gloss levels and produced to match specific colours.

Transparent Glazed
Single Colour Glazed
Crystalline Glazed

The Crystalline range is a high-gloss premium glazed finish which undergoes a twice-fired process to deliver a highly appealing, eye-catching aesthetic effect and rich colour profile.

Unveil a World of Possibilities and Unlock Cost Savings of up to 20%

Are you eager to unlock the remarkable benefits that NaturAL-X brings? Our dedicated sales and technical teams are at your disposal, ready to assist you every step of the way. Discover the substantial cost savings and transformative advantages of NaturAL-X today. Contact a Kladworx representative by emailing [email protected], or by using the contact form below, and let us guide you towards architectural excellence.

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