How Do You Attach Metal Coping?
For covering the top of a wall or other exterior construction, like a retaining wall, metal coping is a popular option for homeowners in the UK. Kladworx offers high-quality metal coping solutions that are both durable and easy to install. Whether on a new construction site or a residential house, Kladworx site inspections and surveys […]
The Solution to Protecting Your Parapet Walls As a homeowner or building manager, you want to ensure the longevity and appearance of your property. The walls and roof are two of the most crucial parts of your building, and proper protection is essential to maintain their integrity. That’s where aluminium coping comes in – it’s […]
In this article, we have compiled a list of the most frequently utilized types of wall coping in construction. We have placed particular emphasis on those used on rooftop parapet walls, elevator bulkheads, privacy walls, and other rooftop structures. However, these coping materials can also be used for other types of walls. Gain more knowledge […]
Aluminium wall coping is a great way to protect your house’s structure from weather damage. It is a highly durable and flexible material that can be customised to match your personal taste. In this blog you will find out more about how aluminium wall coping can benefit your home.  So, what is the purpose of […]
Flashing is a thin sheet metal used in the construction industry to help prevent water penetration and excess seepage from infiltrating the structure of the building and to redirect the flow of moisture within the walls. But when should flashing be used and what’s its purpose? In this guide we’ll uncover the how, what, and […]
When it comes to designing a high performance building, weatherproofing and moisture control is something that you simply can’t ignore.  Rainscreening your building ensures that you will be able to mitigate harmful moisture exposure, and avoid costly repairs later down the road. This article explains how a rainscreen works as well as the benefits of […]