What is the Purpose of Aluminium Wall Coping?

Aluminium Wall Coping

Aluminium wall coping is a great way to protect your house’s structure from weather damage. It is a highly durable and flexible material that can be customised to match your personal taste. In this blog you will find out more about how aluminium wall coping can benefit your home.  So, what is the purpose of […]

5 Reasons You Should Use Aluminium Cladding

exterior of modern house

Are you considering adding cladding to your building? Aluminium cladding panels can help you create a beautiful new look while also providing protection against the elements, heat loss and dampness. Being highly customisable, aluminium cladding panels can be used to reach your aesthetic dreams. So why should you use aluminium cladding?  The advantages of aluminium […]

Which Cladding Lasts the Longest?

modern house with black roof

With so many options available for your cladding material, it can be difficult to determine the correct choice for your requirements. If you are looking for an option that is stylish and is made to last, brick slip cladding is our recommendation. In this blog you will learn the different types available, where they can […]

Common Types of Façade Systems

facade architecture

The facade is an important part of a building, both aesthetically and functionally. Construction methods and technologies have changed significantly over the last decade, in this blog, we explore some of the facade systems that are common in modern buildings. What is a facade? The facade refers to the exterior frontal part of a building, […]

What’s the difference between cladding and a façade?

cladding and facade architecture

The terms façade and cladding get thrown around a lot, both referring to a building’s exterior design, but do you know what the difference is? Learn more about what cladding is and how it differs from a façade with Kladworx.  Is there a difference between cladding and a façade? Whilst both cladding and façade refer […]