What is the Difference Between Wall Copings and Metal Flashing?

Wall Copings and Metal Flashing - House roofs with chimneys

Both aluminium copings and flashing are there to help stop water from penetrating the wall, but what’s the difference? In this article, we go over the key differences between aluminium wall copings and metal flashing so that you know exactly what you need for your project.  So, what is the difference between copings and flashing? […]

How Long Do Roof Flashings Last?

House on rainy day

Roof flashing is added to sections of a building’s roof that are vulnerable to flooding. Part of your annual roof check should include making sure that your flashing has not corroded and sits flat against applications. In this blog we will detail how long roof flashings last. So, how long do roof flashings last? Aluminium […]

Does Roof Flashing Need to be Replaced?

Roof shingles

If you’re working on a project that requires roof repairs or a complete replacement, you might wonder if the metal flashing also needs to be replaced. In this article, we discuss if and when roof flashing needs to be replaced, as well as explaining how.  So, does roof flashing need to be replaced? All roof […]

Do You Need Flashing on a Deck?

Decking with bike

If the decking isn’t correctly installed properly, moisture can seep through the holes that connect the deck to the house, causing water damage to both the deck and your home. This is where deck flashing comes in. So, do you need flashing on a deck? Deck flashing is necessary to protect your home and deck […]