1m Aluminium Coping Alumasc Skyline – Push Fit – Secret Fix System

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1m Aluminium Coping Alumasc Skyline – Push Fit – Secret Fix System

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Aluminium Coping: 1m Lengths

The Alumasc Skyline aluminium coping system is a fast, simple and budget friendly choice to cover upstand walls on extensions, roofs and garden perimeter walls.

Each 1 meter length is accompanied with 1 steel fixing straps (depending on size) these are fixed down into the parapet wall, then the aluminium coping is pushed down for a secret fix system, simple!

The principle requirement of metal coping is to stop ingress of water with the cavity, therefore the secret fix option helps avoid piercing the ppc aluminium.

Every steel bracket is spaced @ a maximum 1500mm, however in high wind load areas, please get in touch and we can assist with the correct centres.

Kladworx Ltd is a family run business, with over 25 years experience in aluminium coping, and offer a full site survey and aluminium coping installation service (subject to a minimum order of 50 linear metres).

Even though the Skyline Aluminium Coping range has fixed widths starting from 182mm and increasing in 30cm increments up to 1022mm, Kladworx can take bespoke sizes if required, in this instance we advise a full site survey from Kladworx or the manufacture Alumasc.

Specialist colours can be used, but there maybe a small surcharge.

Alumasc Aluminium coping is pre powder coated to BBA standards in 26 colours. All colours are generally powder coated to a matt finish, as gloss can lead defects on the finish in most cases. Most colours are available with a matt finish, gloss is available in black and silver colours and textured finish.

In a marine or industrial environment we recommend a thicker layer of pre powder coating, please let us know what area your in?


  • Made in the UK
  • Standard PPC Skyline products available to ship in 12 – 15 working days,
  • 40 Year life expectancy


Size Guide:

Wall Thickness Aluminium Coping Width Gauge Steel Fixing Straps Included
91-120mm 182mm 2mm 1
121-150mm 212mm 2mm 1
151-180mm 242mm 2mm 1
181-210mm 272mm 2mm 1
211-240mm 302mm 2mm 1
241-270mm 332mm 2mm 1
271-300mm 362mm 2mm 1
301-330mm 392mm 2mm 1
331-360mm 422mm 2mm 1
361-390mm 452mm 2mm 1
391-420mm 482mm 2mm 1
421-450mm 512mm 3mm 1
451-480mm 542mm 3mm 1
481-510mm 572mm 3mm 1
511-540mm 602mm 3mm 1
541-570mm 632mm 3mm 1
571-600mm 662mm 3mm 1
601-630mm 692mm 3mm 1
631-660mm 722mm 3mm 1
661-690mm 752mm 3mm 1
691-720mm 782mm 3mm 1
721-750mm 812mm 3mm 1
751-780mm 842mm 3mm 1
781-810mm 872mm 3mm 1
811-840mm 902mm 3mm 1
841-870mm 932mm 3mm 1
871-900mm 962mm 3mm 1
901-930mm 992mm 3mm 1
931-960mm 1022mm 3mm 1


Its not unusual for customers to needing assistance, please feel free to give us a call, we can talk you though how to measure your wall.

We’re here to ensure that every customer has the feeling that they’ve had the personal touch. We want to build a prominent brand within the construction industry of quality and reliability.

Kladworx Ltd have set principles and goals which can be attained through a flexible and fluid approach by listening to our customers and building long term processes, which will create simple, time saving systems.

Our aspiration is to build a family business of quality, sustainability and trust with our customer base.

We can provide specific mock ups, from table samples to site based examples. This is the best way to ensure detailing and product specifications are fully agreed and satisfied

Additional information


Agate Grey (RAL7038m), Anthracite Grey (RAL7016m), Basalt Grey (RAL7012m), Beige Grey (RAL7006m), Black – 60% Gloss (RAL9017m), Brown Beige (RAL1011m), Cadmium Yellow (RAL1021m), Chocolate Brown (RAL8017m), Dusty Grey (RAL7037m), Flower Blue (RAL5010m), Graphite Grey (RAL7024m), Grey brown (RAL8019m), Metallic Silver (RAL9006m), Metallic Silver – 80% Gloss (RAL9006g), Moss Green (RAL6005m), Mouse Grey (RAL7005m), Pearl White (RAL1013m), Platinum Grey (RAL7036m), Ruby Red (RAL3003m), Sapphire Blue (RAL5003m), Slate Grey (RAL7015m), Vermilion (RAL2002m), White (RAL9016m), Wine Red (RAL3005m), Yellow Green (RAL6018m)

Coping Width

182mm, 212mm, 242mm, 272mm, 302mm, 332mm, 362mm, 392mm, 422mm, 452mm, 482mm, 512mm, 542mm, 572mm, 602mm, 632mm, 662mm, 692mm, 722mm, 752mm, 782mm, 812mm, 842mm, 872mm, 902mm, 932mm, 962mm, 992mm, 1022mm

With recent events, it’s really important to know that what kind of fire standards the cladding you’re using on your building is held to. By law, all buildings above 18 metres in height need to have cladding which is fire rated. Most cladding has some sort of protection built in, but only those which are FR should be used on these taller buildings. 

These ratings range from an A1 to a D in accordance with European Standards EN-13501-1.

What does A1 and A2 Rated mean?

Class A1 – Products are described as having no contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion performance when tested to both EN ISO 1716 and EN ISO 1182. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 2MJ/kg. Typical products meeting this classification include most inorganic materials such as metal and stone.

Class A2, s3, d2 – Products are described as having no significant contribution to fire at any stage. BS EN 13501 sets several thresholds for combustion when tested to EN ISO 1182, or both EN ISO 1716 and EN 13823. One of these thresholds is a maximum heat of combustion of 3MJ/kg. A typical product meeting this classification is plasterboard.For comparison, Wood has a typical value of 15 MJ/Kg.

Some products use a slightly different fire classification known as the BR 135 standard, set by the BRE (Building Research Establishment). When using a cladding product that is classified using this method, a full classification report must be supplied to prove compliance with BR 135.

For full information on the fire rating of a specific product, get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help.